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Basement Walkout Construction

TKH Construction Solutions is available to for all kinds of basement work, including basement walkout construction for your home or new custom house. A walkout basement provides functionality, convenience, and flow to your home, not to mention giving your underground level much-needed access to natural light. It is a great investment that not only yields dividends as you inhabit the house, but also increases the property’s value, making it a great investment for the long term.

A basement walkout, however, requires a lot of skill and knowledge to construct successfully, and that is where our expertise comes in. We have the tools and experience necessary to make the construction of your walkout basement an effortless experience for you by helping you fill out the proper paperwork, maintain costs within your budget, and keep lead times low. Our basement walkout services are complete. TKH Construction Solutions expertly help with: 

  • Excavation

  • Forming

  • Waterproofing (exterior)

  • Retaining Wall

  • Concrete Pour

  • Underpinning

  • Install Drainage System

  • Patio Build

  • And more!

In addition to a basement walkout, you can add more functionality and space to your underground level with underpinning work. A basement underpinning, or basement lowering, can make your basement a more suitable place to inhabit by adding the comfort of extra space. Not only that, but expanded space brings functionality and adds value to your property by providing you with increased area to use for recreation and social gatherings. We are underpinning experts and have worked on hundreds of projects, delivering high-quality results while keeping costs and lead times low.

Call today to receive a quote and learn more about our services. We are readily available at (647) 558-9864 or by e-mail at We are a flexible construction firm, so don’t hesitate to tell us about your dream walkout basement design, and we’ll make it a reality. 

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