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We have years of experience in structural and foundation work for residential projects and can provide the foundation construction and repair your new or existing home requires. At TKH Construction, Solutions we have developed a complete and updated knowledge of everything related to the foundation of a home. We are foundation experts and can provide a comprehensive service—from examining your property to excavating and waterproofing—so we can identify the issues and perform the necessary foundation repairs. 

In addition, we can provide foundation construction for your new home utilizing ICF technology, an advanced foundation building method that protects against common issues found in homes that were built using traditional construction methods. Common foundation problems include cracks and slanting floors, as well as other less noticeable issues such as high energy consumption and suboptimal protection against wind and earthquakes, among other concerns.

Building a foundation with ICF blocks, however, offers significantly more benefits than building with traditional methods. An ICF foundation provides increased airtightness, makes your house energy efficient (ICF blocks keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer), reduces noise transmission, and offers a higher fire rating (3-hour fire rating compared to the 1-hour standard). They also provide built-in insulation, vapor barrier, built-in studs for drywall installation, improved groundwater protection, plus wind and earthquake protection.

Furthermore, you can expect the following from our foundation construction and repair services: 

  • Excavation

  • Steel Reinforcement

  • Strip Footing

  • Pour Concrete Wall Foundation Build

  • Block Wall Foundation Build

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Foundation Build

  • Parging

  • Waterproofing (interior/exterior)

  • Install Drainage System

Get in contact with a TKH Construction Solutions representative today by giving us a call at (647) 558-9864 or by e-mail at Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will give you a quote on the service you need and answer any questions you may have about the project.

Our Recent Projects

Looking for a qualified, structural contractor for your project?

We offer completed home building services, specializing in basement underpinning.

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