Our Recent Projects

The Annex, Toronto

Structural Renovation Project (Load Bearing Wall Replacement)
Residential Property

  • Repair compromised foundation wall
  • Demolition
  • Build a load bearing column
  • Stabilize foundation wall before Demolition
  • Maintain current brick style and finishing
  • Block & Brick Work

Birch cliff, Toronto

Foundation Repair Project 
Residential Property

  • Repair Damaged Foundation Wall
  • Stabilize Foundation Before Demolition
  • Demolition
  • Block/Brick Work
  • Rebuild Foundation Column
  • Parge Inside & Outside Foundation Wall
  • Waterproof Repaired Foundation Wall

The Beaches,Toronto

Foundation Reinforcement Project
Residential Property

  • Reinforce Bowing/Crumbling Foundation Wall
  • Stabilize Foundation Wall
  • Drill Rebar into Damaged Foundation Wall
  • Steel/Rebar Reinforcement
  • Special Forming To Enable Concrete Pour
  • Pour New Concrete Foundation Wall
  • Excavate Outside Foundation Wall
  • Form & Pour 32Mpa Concrete
  • Parging Foundation Wall
  • Waterproof Outside Foundation Wall

Upper Beaches

Retaining Wall and Concrete Pad Project
Residential Property

  • Excavation To Below The Frost Line
  • Install Special Installation
  • Install A Drainage System Using Gravel
  • Pour Concrete Pad Using 32Mpa Concrete
  • Build Retaining Wall
  • Waterproof
  • Install Railing

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