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Basment underpinning in progress around water heater

Basement Underpinning & Renovations

Basement drywall and plaster

TKH Construction has established itself as one of the most superior basement underpinning specialist. TKH Construction is an affordable and reliable structural contracting firm, focusing on quality structural construction services by offering superior basement renovation and underpinning expertise.

Basement Underpinning

The process of basement underpinning involves lowering your basement to create a livable space from an existing crawl space or lowering your basement to increase the height, thereby making it a more comfortable and functional space. Basement lowering can add up to 50% of the available living space to your home. This can increase the property value of your home by as much as 40% of its overall value, but most importantly, it creates a much more enjoyable and livable space in your home for you and your family to enjoy. 

TKH Construction Solutions are Underpinning Specialist. Our project manager has overseen over 100 underpinning projects to date and is very highly skilled in this field. Our crews are knowledgeable and skilled and most of them have also worked on several underpinning projects. TKH Construction Solutions specializes in two types of basement underpinning: 

  1. The Over-pour Method 

  2. The Flush Method which also consist of two approaches that involves the use of non-shrink grout, and the use of a special design form with a toe located at the bottom.

To successfully complete a basement lowering project additional procedures are also required and others are requested, they include:

Our Recent Projects

TKH Construction Solutions has full comprehensive structural liability insurance and offers 25yrs warranty on all our structural projects. We offer a high level of professionalism and strive to produce the best possible work for our clients. We get the job done on-time and on-budget.

Looking for a qualified, structural contractor for your project?

We offer completed home building services, specializing in basement underpinning.

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