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Start of ICE Foundation being built

ICF Foundation Build 

ICF (insulated concrete forms) foundation building is the new technologically advanced, superior approach to build foundations in the modern era.

Compared to traditional poured concrete or blocks methods, the ICF method offers a significant number of advantages that includes Reduced Noise Transmission, Higher Fire Rating, Moisture Protection, Groundwater Protection, Earthquake Protection, just to name a few. 

ICF Foundation concerte base

After the foundation is built, ICF blocks can also be used to build up the structural framing of your home and offers all the similar benefits and more. These include airtightness (curbing air flow) (no more smelling you neighbors’ dinner), energy efficiency (keeps your home 40% warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer, saving on your energy bill), Built in insulation and vapor barrier, Built-in studs for drywall (dry wall is installed directly on the ICF blocks) (no more framing to install drywall), wind protection, just to name a few. 

icf foundation being built

Insurance companies now offer significantly lower rates for homes built with ICF Blocks compared to traditional foundations and structural framing. They recognize that ICF Blocks is a much better and advance way to build homes.

"ICF Foundation Blocks is the future of home building"

The ICF Foundation build requires less labor but that is offset a bit by the increase cost of the materials that we have to order, mainly the ICF blocks and rebars. The excavation and footing cost will remain but once those are done it is relatively easy but technical to install the ICF blocks. once you know what you are doing including the rebar. The ICF Foundation cost compared to a traditional foundation is relatively lower cost but the benefits of ICF building is much greater. The energy cost is about 30-40% less than a standard foundation. The insulation is already built in the ICF blocks.

No more structural framing as the drywall can be installed directly in the foundation surface because the studs are built in. Also, a built-in vapour barrier because it has insulation on both sides. Also, there is no more parging in order to waterproof the foundation as the ICF Blocks surface is already smooth. Protect the concrete foundation against the elements such as overland flow and ground water flow. The concrete curing process is much better because the built-in insulation slows down the curing process which makes the concrete cure much better and stronger. All of these are cost saving for the rest of the project.  

We work with Nudura ICF products and are fully trained and certified by them.

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