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Custom Home Construction

If you have found the perfect lot and the perfect design for your New Build Custom Home, TKH Construction will help you build your perfect dream home. We are experienced custom home builders and will work closely with your Designer, Architect, Engineer, and your General Contractor to make you dream home a reality. We will start by building your foundation using ICF blocks (ICF Foundation Building Method) in accordance with the permitted Engineering Drawing. After the foundation is built, we will use ICF blocks to build up the structural framing of your home. including the roof installation.

As new custom home builders, our priority is to bring your vision to life while adding the improved foundation and structure to give your new custom home the best quality available. That is where our years of experience come in. We combine our knowledge with your vision to give you a house that will last a lifetime and more. 

Suburb Houses

Building with ICF Blocks offers significantly more benefits to a custom home construction than traditional wood frames. These benefits include Airtightness (curbing air flow) (no more smelling you neighbors’ dinner), Energy Efficiency (keeps your home 40% warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer, saving on your energy bill), Reduced Noise Transmission, 3-Hour Fire Rating (standard code is a 1-hour fire rating), Built-in Insulation and Vapor Barrier, Built-in studs for drywall installation (dry wall is installed directly on the ICF blocks) (no more framing to install drywall), Wind and Earthquakes Protection.

White Brick House

Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you and keep you informed and connected to every step of the building process. We value your input and dedication to your design that will suit your lifestyle and budget. ICF Blocks is the new technologically advanced, superior approach to building New Build Custom Homes in the modern era and will ensure that you are satisfied with your home for years to come.

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Looking for a qualified, structural contractor for your project?

We offer completed home building services, specializing in New Build Custom Homes.

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